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Industry news
Nationwide large-scale price hike for packing materials

From end of 2016 year, there has been several rounds price hike for raw metarials in almost industries, especially the packing material, such as paper plate, paper cartons, inners,etc.

The price rise has been fierce and lasting. Some raw materials that have risen violently are even "on a weekly basis" and "on a daily basis", reaching a high frequency of price adjustment in two or three days.

It is predicted that this round of price increase is a systematic increase in the industrial chain, accompanied by the shortage of raw materials upstream and the high price advance, which may continue until the end of this year. This means that this round of price increases has just begun, and the next few months will see more severe price increases. And according to our reporter understands, to meet this round rise in price tide, most State-owned factories begin to hoard goods in full force, reserve raw material.