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Industry news
Typhoon Fitow hit several coastal cities
According to the news, Typhoon,named Fitow, has hit several cities along the coast in Zhejiang Province, China. Under the sequence of Typhoon Fitow, the heaviest flood has occurred since the funding of new China. 
Especially Yuyao city, famous for producing cosmetic packing materials in plastic, such as plastic lotion bottles, lids, jars,etc,  is devastated and becomes the worst-hit area.  70% of the city is flooded, traffic is paraplyzed in main city, and most infrastructure are also demaged. 
Many factories faced total loss. The power supplywater supply, and communication equipment are almost obstructed by the water inflow. 
It’s estimated that the economic losses caused by the typhoon to China amount to 62.33 billion yuan, second only to typhoon Heba (9609).